About me




Born on March 16, 1984 in Palma de Mallorca. He started working in the world of Hospitality at the age of 16 and from the first moment he was fascinated by cooking.

He realized that he was excited to see people happy enjoying a nice meal and what it meant to combine a good atmosphere and an excellent menu.

After training at the EHIB (Balearic Islands Hospitality School), he soon enrolled in the adventure of the culinary world, working in various restaurants and catering companies to gain experience, until he became the Chef de Cuisine of Mar Salada Lounge.

In his enthusiasm to continue learning, he traveled to London where, for 3 years, he enjoyed the teachings of good colleagues and Chefs at renowned Restaurants such as The Botanist, Café Boheme, Novotel St Pancras and Brasserie Joël where he had the pleasure of working closely with elbow with the Michelin Star, Joël Antunes.

Finishing his stage in London, after a brief return to Mallorca, he was given the opportunity to go to work in China, where, for a year and always following his adventurous spirit, he enjoyed a pleasant experience in Shanghai as head and chef of the Spanish restaurant, La Palma.

Upon returning to Mallorca, he worked for the next five years at the Arume restaurant, where he had the opportunity to learn the basics of Japanese food.

In his desire to continue growing and innovating, in November 2017 he decided to open his first restaurant: Aires de Japan, located in the center of the emblematic town of Sóller, with the illusion of expressing his experience and enthusiasm for the combination of flavors in his dishes. and always seeking to offer its guests a unique gastronomic experience.

Sea of neon advertisement boards in Kabukicho Shinjuku Tokyo Japan